If its January, we must be busy

I’ve had a theory for a while about when agencies (and in particular their Planning and istock_000002369494xsmall-jan.jpgNew Business teams) are busiest.

It follows the academic year.  Think about it, clients get back from their Summer hols, up for it and ready to go, firing off briefs and pitches right, left and centre. 

They wind down mid December ready for Christmas, then come back to the office on January 2nd and want to change the world. 

They take a week or two off at Easter, are back at top-speed for May and June, but by mid August they’re all on holiday again and you’ve filed everything in sight and started re-organising your pen pot for want of something better to do.  Next thing you know, the 1st of September rolls around and we’re off again…

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