Reading Matter

Over at Lets See What Happens, Russell Davies has istock_000002223702small.jpgincluded on his list of good intention type pledges that he would read a different magazine every week for the rest of his life (and recycle).

I’ve been thinking that it shouldn’t actually be too hard for everyone to have a go at doing the same. I mean, think about all the opportunities to read other people’s random magazines:

  • Doctor’s waiting room
  • Dentist’s waiting room
  • Optician’s waiting room (I’m sensing a theme here…)
  • Service reception of car dealership while they work out whats gone wrong this time and how many millions of pounds its going to cost to put it right
  • At the hairdressers
  • At the beauticians (ladies and very confident men only)
  • Other people’s reception areas (normally a choice between the FT and Chemical Week/Pet Business World News/Building Today etc.)

I’ve made a start, I read an old copy of Good Housekeeping at the hairdressers, so I’m now an expert on the best way to clean a chopping board if nothing else.


6 thoughts on “Reading Matter

  1. A couple of months ago I took my son Max to the Dr. At this particular clinic they have a huge coffee table with several stacks of mags.

    Flicking thru a National Geographic Max asks me where the mag is from. I tell him it’s American.

    Wow says he, they sure have some cool looking cars over there, look at this.He shows me an ad for a very cool looking sixties Pontiac.

    I checked the cover date…Believe it or not, the mag from from 1961!!!

  2. How weird. I just clicked on my comment to make sure it had posted and it took me to a post on my bloc from several months ago.

    Not as old as the national geographic at the Dr’s but definitely not the latest news. Hmmm!?

    Hopefully it’ll be OK this time ’round.

  3. They always seem to have the Yorkshire Life in my doctors’ and I found to my horror that I’m in. All those years of social climbing have paid off. Mum will be so proud.

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