My Ad of the Year

ROYAL Advert 1

This is my Ad of the year – Zara Phillips for Land Rover.  Perhaps not one of the most obvious choices (Sony Bravia, Nike St. Wayne etc.), but it gets my vote for several reasons:

1) Perfect timing – as far as I can tell it broke the day of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards – which she won.  And now Zara has been given an MBE too, prompting the press to talk about the ad again.

2) I love the art direction.

3) According to google, Land Rover’s brand values include individualism, authenticity, freedom, adventure, guts and supremacy.  Feels right to me.

By the way, I ride horses.  Anyone who thinks three day eventing is in any way easy or that its just a question of throwing money at finding the right horse should try it.  You have to be naturally talented and very, very brave.  I’m not.

5 thoughts on “My Ad of the Year

  1. yeah, i like it. fits the audience being deliberatrely upmarket, working for the aspirational surrey set who never go near horses. and it’s a different take on the space of the ‘frontier’ they’ve made their own; this frontier is perhaps social.

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