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packaging – simply less is more

Around this time last year I posted some examples of packaging that had (and in some cases hadn’t) stood the test of time.  Today I found another contender for the title of design so retro it looks fresh in the back of a cupboard: It reminded me that [...]
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Pure imagination?

I’m no typographer, but I am a chocoholic and therefore noticed that the font on Cadbury’s Dairy Milk packaging changed late last year from this: to this: Does it remind anyone else of this:

ready to drink

On the way to get ready for a party the other night we made a quick cashpoint-and-wine stop and picked up this example of truly ‘ready to drink’ packaging (sorry about pic quality, dodgy cameraphone, must upgrade it).  Apparently the wine itself was [...]
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which would you chose to drink?

These?      Or these?   Fever Tree mixers don’t just look amazing, they taste pretty great too.