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the sun is shining- time to relocate that meeting

Summer is here and the annual exodus to the office’s lovely garden is in full swing.  Brainstorms, analysis sessions and even the odd client meeting are all being relocated outside.  We haven’t quite reached a capacity crisis of towels-on-sun-loungers level yet, but it’s only a matter of time…

creative environment or can’t be arsed?

One thing that has annoyed me about every single agency I’ve worked for is that the office has looked like a cross between a teenager’s bedroom and an explosion in a paper factory. No matter how smart or scruffy the actual building and furnishings were, it was still a bombsite.  I’ve been to lots of […]
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A finely tuned moving machine

I’m guessing that 100 people (about half the office) have moved desks in the last 48 hours.  We shuffle around so often that it’s a finely tuned machine.  The blue packing crates arrive, the skip and recycling bins are filled, the moving muscle shifts furniture and IT switch everyone’s phones and computers round overnight. This […]
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Welcome back to work – not an actual gift but it keeps on giving

One of the most popular searches that brings people to this blog is ‘welcome back to work gift’.  Its my posts about my agency’s Happy New Year, Welcome Back After The Christmas Break gift giving that gets the hits, but it does seem to be a broader issue. Over the years, I’ve come back to […]
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view from the middle

I’ve moved desks (again) this week.  I was a tad miffed to discover that I now have an excellent view of the men’s facilities. However, the Fairy Plant and Cupboard Godmother has visited this morning.

Exactly what is ‘a fair days work’?

In an effort to clear my desk following a hectic week I was one of the last out of the office on Friday night – but that is quite unusual for me. There are always going to be the workaholics who are the first ones to arrive in the morning and the last to get kicked […]
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