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never mind the groups, what about the catering?

I was at a viewing facility on Monday evening where they seemed to be hell bent on fulfilling their duty of care to clients and moderators in making sure we were looking after ourselves properly.  As well as the usual fruit basket and fridges filled with [...]
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The New Normal #2 – if it moves, research it

So, after looking at the New Normal of measuring client’s bravery and budget we move on to part two – attitudes towards market research. Desk research tools like TGI and Mintel are becoming increasingly unhelpful as we slide deeper into this [...]
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Is research helping us find the right answer – or just one that isn’t wrong?

With the economy making everyone increasingly risk averse, it seems to me that Jon Steel’s adage about clients using research not as a navigational tool but to protect themselves and their career from a fiery end is becoming increasingly apt. With [...]
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we’re all doomed…right?

So, the economy is in free fall and we’re all doomed. Right? The quallies at work have been doing a lot of focus groups with Credit Crunched Mums recently. Apparently yes, Mums are being careful and trying to be more frugal – but a lot of them are doing [...]
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quote of the week

From a respondent in a mail order group I was viewing last night: Moderator: “So what do you do with your catalogue when it arrives?” Respondent: “I take it straight to the toilet”

Are you *quite sure* Mr Client?

Email today from Mr Big Shot Client asking to move some of his groups from viewing to in-home as he would like to actually sit in on them. I can only assume that he’s never spent three hours crammed into a corner of a suburban living room, precariously [...]
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Hell is (also) officially:

16 groups, in viewing, across two locations, with 12 clients and 300 pieces of stimulus all in ONE DAY.  

WARC renewal made me squawk

  Did anyone else get a nasty shock when the time came to renew their WARC (World Advertising Research Centre) subscription?  Mine after negotiation had still nearly doubled in price for no apparent reason.  I know of two other Planning chums [...]
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Quant is dead, long live Insight?

Interesting client feedback via a Research buddy today – one of their clients had apologised for not putting quantitative work their way recently.  He explained that his role was now more about analysing his own customer data and buying in qualitaitive [...]
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when great ads (sometimes) get killed by focus groups

Produced for the New England 2007 Hatch Awards by Arnold, this is a sobering example of why the average focus group stuck in a meeting room and forced to watch an animatic don’t necessarily produce the kind of feedback that leads to great creative. [...]
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