I don’t think life-by-smartphone would be all that smart an idea

If we are to believe the trendwatchers and futurists, we’ll all be running our lives by smartphone within a few years, using them for everything from paying for goods to opening our garage doors (thanks for the link Ally).

I have an android smartphone and I’m rather attached to it…but I’ve just declined the upgrade I was due.  As well as the cost savings of switching to a SIM only plan I can’t bear the thought of wasting a day of my life trying to get a new smartphone up and running and the possible/probable data loss that would occur as a result of the changeover.

You see, I just don’t quite trust technology.  I did a software update on the phone last week that mysteriously and randomly wiped 20% of my contacts.  It was only because I refuse to be parted from my backup Filofax that I had a copy of everything.

If I was entirely reliant on my phone as camera, diary, address book, credit card, keys, web browser, email reader, calculator and, erm, phone then my handbag would unquestionably be a lot lighter and smaller.  But what if the phone got nicked?  Or broke?  Or just ran out of battery?  My entire life would grind to a halt.

I’m just not sure that the majority of smartphone owners are ready to break away from their other Stuff and trust their lives to the gods of hardware, software and signal.

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