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10 things I wish I’d been told when I started agency life

1. It is NEVER OK to be bullied in the workplace 2. Going to the pub after work is not compulsory 3. Manage and protect your workload to allow time for the inevitable crisis that will need dealing with 4. Learn how to tell which battles are worth fighting 5. If you don’t like certain […]
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time to rejoin twitter

I’ve finally cracked and rejoined twitter.  I was There In The Beginning (well almost, twitter officially launched in July 2006), when I signed up in Spring 2007 to join in the buzz around the first Interesting, but regular tweeting  didn’t suit me so I deleted the account a few months later. Roll round to 2009 […]
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A rogue respondent as seen from the viewing room

pic nicked from The White Rooms in St Albans (UK) – not where I was last night but v. highly recommended I was at a viewing facility last night and in the second group there was one respondent who was a real pain in the neck for the moderator. There’s always one (let’s call him Bob), […]
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(almost) always faffing about with my blog

I’ve given the blog a bit of a redesign (in as much as is possible without the benefit of a mac, professional designer or any kind of personal artistic talent) and tidy up this weekend.  Any feedback and/or bugs to report, please leave a comment.  Cheers.

a brilliant list of what Britain’s rail network really needs

This is brilliant.  Writing in Saturday’s Guardian, Lucy Mangan has made of list of what Britain’s rail network really needs.  It turns out the What Britain’s Rail Network Really Needs is not ever-so-slightly-faster high speed rail links, but instead Lucy proposes what she calls ‘a bit of tweaking to highlight its true attractions’: Make it […]
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its apparently Positive Mental Attitude week – and its catching

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Account Directors who sits near me at work merrily declared that for the foreseeable future, all weeks would be now be designated Positive Mental Attitude Week. Since then, she’s won two pitches. I’m not suggesting that the two are completely related, but spending every day alternating between […]
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Interesting 2009 speakers announced

Russell has posted an (incomplete) list of speakers for Interesting 2009 – and it looks brilliant. Talks include: Guerrilla Gardening Learn Morse Code in 20 minutes the rules of gentlemanly conduct Ponies I Have Loved; Both Real and Imagined (I’m obviously looking forward to that one) everything you know about nuclear power is wrong how […]
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Aircel boat – brand to the rescue?

Via Springwise, I came across this special build billboard for Indian mobile company Aircel. In early July they tethered an inflatable dingy (complete with ‘cut rope in emergency’ instruction) to a billboard in an area of central Mumbai notorious for its flooding problems.  Within a couple of weeks, it monsooned, the rope was cut and […]
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Asda rolls back the cliches for Yorkshire Day

So I’m guessing that Asda didn’t get a Yorkshire agency to write their Yorkshire Day ad in today’s Yorkshire Post newspaper… The copy reads: The flat caps, the whippets, the brass bands playing.  The smoking chimneys from real coal fires.  The cobbled streets.  The dry stone walls.  The unspoilt beauty of The Dales.  Chips wi’ […]
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