Doctor Who the heck is that?

I’ve just been watching Doctor Who Confidential, which announced who the Eleventh Doctor is going to be.  I’m a Dr Who fan, but I can’t say that I’m very excited about the outcome.

Matt Smith is 26, looks about 17 in real life and judging by the interview 11thdocshown, has ridiculous hair that he can’t stop faffing about with.  He’d fit right in with the cast of Twilight, but I just can’t seen him as The Doctor, no matter how many times Russell T. Davis gushed about his brilliance.

It’s not encouraging.  I can only assume/hope he’s a fabulous actor, since based on the interview footage I wouldn’t have cast him in a school play. 

Oh well, I suppose I can always watch old episodes on DVD instead and there are thankfully four more David Tennant Doctor Who specials this year before the regeneration hand-over.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who the heck is that?

  1. Happy New Year!

    I saw him in Party Animals on the BBC but wouldn’t have tipped him for greatness at all. Will have to wait until 2010 I guess to see what he’s like, ah well.

  2. Well, before David Tennant started I’d not heard of him and was worried he’d be awful.

    I think they know what they are doing; after all the part is now accessible for real actors (unlike the old series) so they must have been confident.

    Really, it just seems like people hate his hair…

  3. I know what you mean…I thought Christopher Eccelstone was great and was a bit unhappy when he left…but now I absolutely love David Tennant. He’ll be sorely missed! No idea about new guy…I really hope he’s ok…

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