the Pink Lady has divided the tackroom

Katie Price (aka Jordan) is about to launch her own ‘KP Equestrian’ range of riding gear.  It would be fair to say that this has divided the horsey world into two camps:

1) oh-for-gods-sake
2) pink and sparkly things!!!!

For any woman whose riding wardrobe (and that of their horse too) is based around a pink-and-girly theme (and trust me, there are quite a lot of them out there) this is great news.  I tend to fall into the anti-pink camp as my colour scheme is black and white, which given my big, black horse does occasionally result in my being mistaken for a mounted policewoman, but that’s surely better that than channelling Barbie Goes Riding.

However that’s not the real reason everyone is huffing and puffing – Ms Price is apparently going to do a Dressage to Music demonstration at this year’s Horse of the Year Show.  She has a very talented horse, but its widely acknowledged that she’s not that experienced a rider.  Despite what the tabloids might tell you, I’m about as likely as she is to make the 2012 Olympic dressage team.

The cause of all this t’interweb grumbling seems to be that just because she has a new brand to promote its OK for a sub-standard rider to be allowed to perform at this very high profile event.  Its like putting Hermione-off-Harry-Potter’s A-Level Art coursework in the D&AD annual.

So its going to be very interesting to see how this new range does in terms of shifting product.  I’m sure Jordan/Katie will get lots of publicity for her new brand (and the book/underwear/perfume/reality TV juggernaut that is her career) out of it, but I’m not sure how many women want to ride around living the brand in glorious velour neon pink.

However one post on a horsey forum did suggest that perhaps she’ll solve the eternal problem of finding a really supportive bra to ride in…

4 thoughts on “the Pink Lady has divided the tackroom

  1. Update: I’m now going to Horse of the Year Show – and although I didn’t plan it this way, its on the day which Jordan is performing, so I’ll report back on how the crowd reacted to her – and if she was any good…

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  3. I saw KP on the telly doing her first dressage test, and it sounds like she did better at the 10-spectator event than HoYS. The horse largely behaved and she – although looking rigid – did manage to complete the test acurately.

    That said, I give her another 12months before she calls the riding thing a day. To the untrained eye we look just to be sitting there, but as Miss Price is now descovering there’s rather a lot more to it.

    And if she shows up in the Olympic dressage team I’ll eat my Pikeur jacket.

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