Rain rain go away, I want to go outside and play


To nick from Miranda Sawyer’s excellent book Park and Ride (where she reclaims her suburban roots and which you should all read), its been like living inside Tupperware up here recently, with grey skies the norm.  We had one decent weekend in June (rather conveniently over my 30th birthday) and that’s been it as far as Summer is concerned.

Which has rather put a dampener on all these brand-supported Great-British-Summer-Activities we’ve been supposed to be enjoying courtesy of Innocent, Pimms and the rest.  It might be glorious Down South, but up here in the North our bunting is getting soggy and so are our spirits.

Since traditional summer evening activities for me like walks, BBQs and long hacks on horseback are out (riding on the moors is more like bog snorkelling under current conditions), I’ve been spending a lot more time than usual in front of the telly.  And with summer TV scheduling as dire as it is, I’m back in love with Amazon Rentals. Not because their customer service has got any better, but because of the sheer variety of stuff I’m discovering or enjoying again.  Like Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads, Hollywoodland, A Scanner Darkly and Wah-Wah.  If you’re living in a similarly soggy situation and haven’t seen any of them, they’re really worth a rental.

4 thoughts on “Rain rain go away, I want to go outside and play

  1. Hmm its not glorious here at all, monsoon yesterday then muggy and hideous with no air. Today isn’t much better. Gross!

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