Its a nasty (virtual) world out there

Two of my favourite bloggers have recently been subjected to unprovoked attacks online.  I’m not going to link to them because a) that would fan the flames and b) some of the material intended to upset these bloggers is not nice to put it mildly.

Perhaps its naive of me to assume that the internet is any safer or better than the big, bad real-life world out there, but in the normal course of events I’ve been struck by the spirit of support and co-operation that exists online.  Thanks to the net, I’ve made Planning friends that I would otherwise never had met and rekindled some old friendships too.

I suppose that to enjoy the highs, you’ve got to cope with the lows too, but today I’m deeply depressed by the state of the online community.  What makes it worse is that both of these bloggers had really embraced connecting with their readers and bringing people together via the web, but the high profile that their openness created seemed to make them a target at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Its a nasty (virtual) world out there

  1. hi gemma – i’ve been lurking for a while, but have decided to finally say hello. i love your blog.
    i too was a little surprised at some recent pettiness in the blog playground. especially ‘cos i recently wrote a post about how great online and blogging connection is! ha!
    love the death star pic too.. he he..

  2. Hi to you too Lauren. I just popped over the one of the blogs concerned – 1165 (yes, really, thats not a typo) comments posted so far, maybe 95% of them positive. Perhaps there is hope yet…

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