Old Skool Rules

handbag technology overload  I don’t own a Psion, a Palm Pilot or a Blackberry.  Instead, I am the proud owner of a Filofax. Yes, its heavier and yes, I know I can’t sync it to Outlook or Bluetooth a business card from it.  And I’m almost positive that it won’t play Greensleeves when I’m about to miss an appointment.   

But it holds all my stuff – a tube map, business cards, those bits of plastic that just won’t fit in your purse and pieces of paper that are just sort of pending.  And I can scribble in it.  Typing just isn’t the same, I need that ability to scribble away at lists of Things To Do.   

Its not that I’m particularly anti-technology, in fact my handbag is groaning with mobile, digital camera, ipod and assorted accompanying wires/ headphones/ Bluetooth thingys.  But I’m not giving up my filofax.  I just might need a bigger handbag. 

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